Integrated Poultry Production


Modern poultry operations benefit from the integration of all production stages: breeding operations, broiler production, feed meal supply, slaughter and processing and product marketing. Control of upstream operation insures that breeding material and feed are of highest quality for production. Downstream integration insures that added value is shared between farmers and processors. Efficient operations operate as one unit under joint management.



Our Services:


  • Evaluation of local conditions for modern poultry production (meat, eggs).
  • Assessment of the market and the marketing system for poultry products.
  • Organization of chick and egg breeding supply.
  • Planning of integrated breeding, production, feed supply and marketing.
  • Design of infrastructure facilities from the hen house to slaughter plant.
  • Conducting technical and economic feasibility studies of projects.
  • Detailed project design.
  • Structuring project financing.
  • Construction of projects.
  • Detailed guidance of project development and operation.
  • Management services.


Project Experience:


  • Planning and design of integrated poultry systems in Russia.
  • Project management of meat processing factory expansion in Israel.
  • Design and planning of integrated poultry operation in Nigeria, including hatchery, feed mill, grain silo and processing plant.
  • Restructuring of a poultry farmers’ organization in Israel.
  • Financial planning for a poultry slaughter house and marketing systems in Israel.
  • Design of ostrich hatchery and processing plant in Israel.

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