Capabilities to Transform Agriculture

                 Into an Effective Tool for Progress

For many countries in the world, agriculture serves as a local source of sustenance, playing an important role in generating national income and growth. The fast pace evolution of agro technology teamed with increasingly accessible international communications and changing culinary tastes are transforming agriculture into a high potential force for growth and progress.


Windows of opportunity are opening for agricultural producers that were previously undervalued or underdeveloped. Governments, NGO's and private enterprises are actively engaged in promoting agro industries with real competitive advantages. However, to make this development feasible, expert services are required to unite the effort and define the procedures for progress.



AgroProject - The Vital Link in

              Transferring Sustainable Technology

AgroProject is an agro consultancy firm with an outstanding record of accomplishment of project initiation, planning and operating agricultural development projects.

AgroProject professionals bring into play a formidable combination: the technology and know-how of Israel's advanced agricultural and agro-industrial sectors and in-depth experience acquired in other countries. Decades of experience working with growers, public and private sector customers, as well as major international funding organizations give us the tools to optimize the natural resources, capital, know-how and management available in each specific environment. Headquartered in Israel, AgroProject is active globally active and easily accessible to clients everywhere.

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